Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A word from the Mama...

So Chris finally realized that as a SUMMER camp director that he would not be able to uphold his blogging duties without my help... so I am now allowed to update on here. Yay.

I've come to the conclusion that baby boy is throwing rebounds of my belly, spiking the football on my bladder, drumming on my stomach, and many other rather active things as of the last week or so. About two weeks ago Chris felt him bump real hard for the first time, you know, more than the "it feels like gas" movement. That was pretty surreal. He seems to be most active in the morning and in the evening... I think he's telling me he's hungry. Either way, I love it and it makes me giggle everytime. I want others to be able to feel his bumping, too, but I always seem to be alone when he gets going.

I go next week to the NEW doctor in Knoxville for the first time. I've been doing research (probably that I should have done the FIRST time we chose a doctor) on what I should ask and how I should communicate what we want during the rest of the pregnancy and birth, and let me say, there's a lot to talk about. Drugs or no drugs, induction, c-section, birthing positions, etc... Chris and I want to do this as naturally as possible and I feel like that's all I should have to say, but apparently there's a lot more to it. These are the kind of things that are starting to consume my thoughts... so I think I will start to work on the birth plan.

I've officially outgrown my pre-preggo clothes. Well, except my elastic-waisted skirts, they will be my best friend for the rest of this pregnancy. Thank goodness it's the summer! I also got a lot of great hand-me-downs from my sister and her friends.

Speaking of summer... Chris is about to kick off the camp season next Tuesday. Say a prayer that he will feel prepared and will be ready to take on another full and amazing summer. The staffing has all come together and prayers have definitely been answered for that. We really like John Knox and the family that we have already made in TN... we are hopeful that this will turn into a permanent gig for us.

And... being a housewife is hard. If anyone has suggestions of things to busy myself while we wait for baby, I would LOVE it. I try to create hobbies for myself, but they can be expensive.

Oh yeah... I don't know if we have "gone public" with his name yet, but drum roll please.....
Noah Matthew Ford.

We love our brothers. The end.

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