Thursday, December 2, 2010

We're Moving!!!

...but don't pack your bags - we aren't going very far.

I figured the ole blog needed a little sprucing, primping, pep in it's step - kind of like my face in this photo:

so, without further ado... voila!

Produced Locally

Grab your hard hat - it's a work in progress.

Go ahead. Click it. I'll see you over there...

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Giving You the Bird...

And the winner is (drumroll please)....

Entry #5 - Crystal

I will contact you soon with details, color preferences, etc.!

Congratulations on "getting the bird"!
Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter...

Keep spreading the word - you never know when I'll throw another one of these up for grabs!

(Number randomly selected by generator at

Friday, November 19, 2010

The more I am in a mainstream environment the more I want to retreat back to my little cabin in the woods. Retreat may be too passive - run like heck is likely more appropriate. And Pensacola has not failed me yet, it has me wanting to lace up my running shoes.

This is what I saw as I was driving to my gran's house the other day, complete with a photo of beautifully sculpted (and airbrushed I'm sure) abs of a presumed "mommy":

I almost forgot to go when the light turned green.

I didn't know whether to laugh, cry, be disgusted, confused, angry, sad, judgmental, self conscious... and the list goes on.

I didn't know whether to feel these things for the "mommies" who are lured into the web, the doctors who profit from the self-concious, the marketing team who thought this was a good idea, or the society that has blasted the messages that superficial flaws are unacceptable and imperfect.

So I did a little research on the website of this fine institution offering this beauty by botulism. These are the first words in their attempt to win you over:
"Children add limitless joy to a woman’s life, and there’s not much a mother wouldn’t sacrifice for the sake of her children. But not all sacrifices are truly necessary."

So if this is the accepted truth, that mama's would do anything for their babes because the little ones provide more pure and constant joy than one could imagine, remind me again why I need to butcher my belongings - the only thing that is truly mine?

I am not opposed to one taking care of themselves, desiring to have their pre-baby figure back - obviously - but then there are some things that are just absurd. In a country that is supposedly recessing and struggling, it sure does seem that these sorts of options are more and more widely available and even sadder, accepted. And ever sadder, utilized. If you want your shape back, get your butt in the gym, hire a personal trainer, play with your kids, go outside, take a hike, ride a bike, eat better, choose a healthier lifestyle...

But alas, why put forth the effort when there's the instant gratification of a little slit here, tuck there, and voila! good as new...

It's called labor because it's painful and it's work. And I am proud of my battle wounds. When I work just as hard to get my body back as I did those ten months and one day, I'll be just as proud as my new battle marks.

And if my baby brings me endless joy - what else matters?

And I, too, will sacrifice almost everything for my son - but I think I'll hold on to my dignity, thanks.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Handgrown Goodness


I am a little late in the game discovering this year's hullabaloo about a growing movement for handmade goodness for the holidays, but I have to say, it's about time, folks! Welcome to the eternally joyful world of gifts of labor and love.

We (the Bowens and Fords) have been doing something similar the past few years for Christmas exchanges - local products from your respective local markets - and a lot of times, but not always, these items lend themselves to handmade goodness ranging from produce to music to state flags. And we (C & me) have loved every single gift we have received and given.

Here are a few other folks who think this is a trend worth trying, not like the "wear faux fur with a military jacket" (or something like that) that will be over next week (we handmakers hope, anyway - and even if the trend dwindles, we will still be making and giving - so there):
  • Love, Lizzie - mostly kid-minded but she could make anything, I tell ya: skirts, capes, soft toys, bags, etc.
  • Plain and Joyful Living - simple family abundantly gifted in handworks.
  • Sew Liberated - great ideas and patterns for little ones and around-the-house items - and she talks about her cute kids, too
  • Made by Rae - Big Butt Baby Pants - enough said. - and she's putting together a "Celebrate the Boy" month in February
Check these folks out for ideas and items to buy. The second link has a remarkable list of folks participating in Handmade Holiday 2010.

I won't launch into a shpiel atop my soap box of why you should, why it's better, who it's good for, I will simply say this:
  • Value is not just monetary.
  • Mother Earth will rejoice in singing.
  • Life lessons gently implied.
  • Gifts that keep on giving.
  • Usable and/or consumable.
  • Gentler eco-footprint.
  • Local economy.
The end. Preaching over.

If you want to talk about any of the above topics in more detail, I'd be glad to indulge.

Felt So Good

In the midst of Christmas crafting my fanny off, I visited Living Felt in preparation to resupply my stock very soon (hint on gifts - still act surprised - thanks) and lo and behold I found something that makes me want to dance. I went to the "Testimonials" tab and found this:

Thank you !!

...first project: a sweet bird mobile for a new baby... I got myself to Joann's as hurriedly as I could and nearly fell out at how expensive a quarter of an ounce of roving was going to cost, and I needed a lot more than that. I was a bit discouraged that my new hobby was over before it began because I couldn't afford it. Sad day in the life of a stay-at-home-crafting-to-keep-sane-because-I-live-in-the-woods-and-camp-is-starting-mama. And now I wouldn't be able to make my mobile.

I pulled myself out of that close call with defeat and went home to do some more research online...And that's when I found these fine folks, Living Felt. I quickly and easily found what I wanted and needed to get started at extremely fair prices. I spent about $30 and got a lot of variety of wool and colors...where at J's it would have cost me almost three times that for the same amount.

Not to mention my order was shipped that same day with a sweet hand-written note from the company.

then, just today, I got an email from them checking in to make sure I am enjoying my order and lending their assistance if I have any questions. They are good people, making sure they provide folks with the best product from humane practices... I will definitely continue to order from them...

Holy Guacamole! I am so stinking honored! Not only published in craft but in word as well - and a link to the blog to boot (maybe I should pick up the pace around here)... I am very encouraged.

And because all of this crazy excitement, I am going to give away some felting goodness. Yes, that's right, tell all of your friends. If a little one (or one to be) in your life needs to have a custom-color "Tweet Dreams" mobile hanging about their nursery, leave a comment here (one per day) and I will draw one week from today - so next Tuesday (11/23). Your mobile will be handcrafted and sent to you after the Thanksgiving holidays.

Spread the word. Get the bird.

Oh, you can also boost your possibilities if you get your friends to comment FOR you - just ask them to leave your name in the comment.

Thanks to Living Felt for proudly displaying my very first project, that now adorns my sweet new cousin's nursery.

If you aren't giving handmade for Christmas this year, think about it. Handmade or local - it's the new black. (More on that later...)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cabin Fever

Here at Casa de Ford we get a little something called Cabin Fever.

It's highly contagious with symptoms of cranky pants, fussy faces, and pains in your - well, everywhere.

The cure?

Get the heck out of dodge before the steam bellows out of your ears.

And so we did just that yesterday. Most folks will likely scratch their heads at the thought that we ventured off of camp property to have some outside peace, but your backyard is your backyard - sometimes you need to hop
the fence. We hopped about two miles down the road to the little playground at the Methodist Church - but made sure we vacated before they made us stay for Wednesday night church.

We weren't sure how Noah would like or interact with the play things considering he's just now taking steps on his own, but I'll let you decide:
In the spirit of Abigail: "Nunnels!"
The BIG slide with daddy...
Look, mama is on the slide and in front of the camera...
And for obvious reasons, this one is my favorite.
So the park - it's good for our feverish souls. I just hope winter holds off a little longer - like until next December.

Double Down

Yes, please. I'll have two of those.Pacis, I mean.