Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cabin Fever

Here at Casa de Ford we get a little something called Cabin Fever.

It's highly contagious with symptoms of cranky pants, fussy faces, and pains in your - well, everywhere.

The cure?

Get the heck out of dodge before the steam bellows out of your ears.

And so we did just that yesterday. Most folks will likely scratch their heads at the thought that we ventured off of camp property to have some outside peace, but your backyard is your backyard - sometimes you need to hop
the fence. We hopped about two miles down the road to the little playground at the Methodist Church - but made sure we vacated before they made us stay for Wednesday night church.

We weren't sure how Noah would like or interact with the play things considering he's just now taking steps on his own, but I'll let you decide:
In the spirit of Abigail: "Nunnels!"
The BIG slide with daddy...
Look, mama is on the slide and in front of the camera...
And for obvious reasons, this one is my favorite.
So the park - it's good for our feverish souls. I just hope winter holds off a little longer - like until next December.