Friday, November 5, 2010

Ship(ping) Happens

Let me just start with this little insight into my simpleton ways: The joy I get when I open my inbox to find a "Your order has shipped" subject line that wasn't there before makes me want to jump on the desk and do a little song and dance. Most of the time even more so than those "fwd:fwd:fwd My BFF says this really works, send it to 6,347,774 people and your dreams will come true and you can follow/like them on facebook and win $5,465..."

Ridiculous, I am aware.

And because I am a giving person, I would like to give the opportunity for others to share in my joy, only they aren't being shipped to you, just me. I am very giving like that:

"produced locally" clothing labels
courtesy of Miss Label

Theoretically, they can be shipped to you - just buy something from my shop (more things are being added bit by bit) - and you will find one in your handmade goodie. Or have a cute kid/be pregnant and I will likely make them something - I am a softy for baby bumps and cute babes.

Some folks may think this is a little bit of putting the cart before the horse, considering my shop is slow going and my stuff isn't exactly flying off the shelf, so to speak.

A girl can dream - and be legal.

It was brought to my attention by my fellow sewing mama,
Liz, that the government frowns upon sketchy children's clothing/items - go figure - so they made some rules. One of them is that your items that you sell must possess the company name, place it was made, and when - along with the consumer must be provided with the material and a batch number in the packaging. This is all to protect the buyer as well as the seller - translated: label your junk so you don't get sued for faulty materials and such.

Thanks, China.

So my labels are coming! Woo hoo! It will take me a while to go through these, but I am hoping that before the Farmer's Market starts up again, I can come up with a fun logo and print some more. But for now, these will put a large pep in my step. And I may just dance on the desk (or whatever tall surface is around - counter, changing table, couch) when Chris brings them to me in the mail.

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  1. cuuute! I can't wait to get mine in the mail. They should be coming any day now. And I know I mostly did it to be legal and safe, but I also like that they make my stuff look more professional and thought-out.