Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day One

We are in the middle of house "rejuvenation" here at the Ford Casa but I wanted to take a minute and relieve a couple of folks who are pining away for a glimpse at Noah's birthday celebration. We had friends, family, food (I'll post more about that later), gifts, cold weather, laughs, tears, warmth, and thanksgiving for our little guy on Sunday here at our home. I am very grateful for the folks who came to celebrate Noah and for the many more who love our kid who couldn't be here.

Anyway, here are a few photos, courtesy of Marc Penrod of Lenns Focus and his son Lucas (you MUST check him out at his blog - his passion for capturing beauty in it's simplicity and natural setting is very evident - thanks, fellas!):
Look familiar?His shirt says "ONE" on it - his mama made it for him.
More party photos to come.
For now, enjoy these and this random thought I had while driving home from Nashville yesterday:
I wonder if truck drivers spend the same amount of time and money sprucing up the cabs of their trucks like executives and administrators with their own offices? Does the size of the window or view matter as much? Do they have desktop do-dads that they paid way too much for? Is there steering wheel and chair ergonomical?

Something to ponder.


  1. That's a cute little shirt! Are you going to put those in your shop?

  2. I love that shirt!!! Good job!!! And Noah is freaking cute.

  3. The whole truck thing has my head spinning!

  4. Liz - Thanks! Yes, I think it will be in the shop. I need your tips on how you get things put together so quickly. You are my inspiration...

    Jen - Thanks so much! We want to see you guys soon. When can we make that happen?

    Marc - Seriously! I think maybe I will make friends with a trucker man to do my research.