Sunday, March 8, 2009

11 Weeks Update

At 11 weeks Beth is feeling great. She has been learning the fine line between gas, hunger, and feeling sick. She hasn't had many crazy food cravings (except an unfortunate McDonald's evening). As you can see she is starting to show a little and is super pumped about looking pregnant, not bloated! Beth and I have been getting tons of exercise (more important for her not me) and we have been trying to walk as much as possible and even went rock climbing the other day ( I mean... I went rock climbing, Beth took pictures)!
Work has become very complicated for us. Beth has now gone to a more part time basis and does not go into the field every week, but every other week. I am currently looking for other employment, as a pregnant wife/eventual new baby does not match with the lifestyle of a wilderness instructor!
We have been trying to slowly add things we will need as we find good deals. We have recieved a few gifts from people that have started our parent collection. And we have bought some cloths and what not on super sales and it has made us realize how cool our kid will be, I promise my kid will be better than yours (I'm joking, but... not really)! We have also found a really cool website called Mama's Bargains (thanks Beka!) that sells baby and parent stuff on super great deals, go check it out and buy something for yourself or us!



  1. hahaha produced locally. love it. beth, just wait until you are as huge as me...then really, no one can mistake your belly for a just a "big lunch" anymore. sometimes i wish i could go back to those days. HA! MISS YOU.

  2. hey guys! I'm so happy for you! AND I love the fact that you started a blog for your baby-having! I'm excited to read all about it! Maybe one day we'll have one too. Anyway, good luck and God bless!