Sunday, March 22, 2009

Baby Spends a Day in Asheville

We had our 12 week Doc visit, which constituted of about a minute and a half of doctor time. We had an ultrasound to screen for any chromosomal abnormalities. Aunt Heather came with us and got to be the third person to see the baby.We are waiting for a blood test to come back but none of the nurses freaked out on us, so hopefully that means we are all good. Beth was also astonished that they didn't move her due date up, as she thinks she is farther along than they say. She has continued to lose weight since being pregnant, I swear I think I figure
her out and now she is frustrated that she weighs less!
The closer we get the more we are realizing that we need more than just some cool Keen baby shoes. So with that in mind, we made a visit to Target and officially created our first baby registry. So go visit at If Beth wasn't there I think I would still be lost looking for all the random different baby items that are necessary. Who knew that nipples came in different sizes! It made it all very realistic looking at all the bottles and whatnot. A little scary to think that I have a lot to learn.
Beth and I have a lot of decisions to make about work and we are trying to find the best solutions to the different challenges. It has been tough to remain faithful and patient but it has been amazing how much God has blessed us during this stressful time. Keep us in your prayers.


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