Monday, June 22, 2009

100 Days to go...

Whew... 100 days til the little dude's due date. Crazy. Now, that's if he cooperates and comes on Oct. 1, but I am still sticking with that he will greet this new world sometime mid-September. Either way, we will be blessed...

I am in Alabama/Florida now and it is hot as the devil. I swore to Chris that I would NOT be purchasing a bathing suit during pregnancy, not because I don't think pregnant women shouldn't enjoy the sun and the water, but because I could make do with running shorts and a tank top for as much as I "go to the beach" and such. Well, there might be a maternity suit purchase before this trip is over with. It's hard not to want to just be naked right now, but people keep telling me that's not really appropriate. I feel sorry for you Florida ladies who are expecting and who have carried Fall babies. You are the real heroes.

Kristen is getting married this weekend and I am so excited to be a part of it. The giggles will begin when she escorts me to have my BM dress altered on Wednesday. Who knew you couldn't fit a 26.5 week preggo belly in a dress you were measured for pre-pregnancy?

I may be headed to the mountains of NC for the last 2 weeks of July to volunteer at Crestridge for the last session and maybe Starter Camp. I would love to fill my Crestridge cup up to the brim! It's not until you leave and come back that you realize how much you love and miss something. I went with Kelly to drop Anne Lois off for her first summer as a camper this weekend and it's crazy as can be that she's already old enough. Hugged lots of necks and got plenty of belly pats. :) Does your heart good, I tell ya.

The latest in new L&D learning is that the Birthing Center where I will be "laboring" offers pre- and post-natal massages while you are in the hospital. I believe I will be partaking... there is also a jacuzzi tub for my relaxation purposes post-birth. Apparently the rooms are very accomodating for the spouse and family, including a bassinet where Baby Ford will get to stay with us during our hospital stay, given everything goes well. And, they will teach Chris rest and relaxation techniques to help me once we get home. This place gets better and better, like a resort or something. I should have babies more often...

So, 100 days, folks. Please pray for peace and health in the coming weeks and that Noah, Chris and I will continue to grow and bond and prepare for his arrival. If these next weeks fly by as quickly as the first 26, he will be here in no time. Thank you for your love and support and keeping us on your mind.

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