Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Birmingham Bliss

On our way back from Pensacola for Turkey Day, we stopped in Birmingham so Noah could meet his Uncle Sean & Aunt Jen, the first of friends/family we've asked to be his godparents! Sean and Chris grew up going to camp together at Camp Weed, were college roommates at Florida State (where Chris successfully caused the break of Sean's wrist), were in each others' weddings, and in many ways are soul mates...not joking. I've never been around two guys who love each other more than these two. Regardless of how much time has passed, which is usually too much, it's as though they just saw each other yesterday, never missed a beat.  Sometimes Sean gets better embraces than me...And Jen, Sean's awesome wife, I met when Chris and I first started dating in 2006, and she was very welcoming and so comfortable to be around in the new (sometimes overwhelming) group of folks I was spending time with. I rather enjoy her sweet and gentle spirit and the laughs we've all shared. They are a lot like us in the way that they are boy/girl versions of each other, love each other with passion, are kids in adult bodies, love to have fun and laugh, value family and friends, and we know they will love Noah as he grows up. We are honored that they accepted our request to play lead roles in our little guy's life and to be a part of our crazy family (not that we didn't already consider them family). We look forward to making many more, and more frequent, memories with them. Here's to the Palmers and the joy you bring to our life, for which we are eternally grateful:

You have no idea what we went through to get these photos...

You see, Sean doesn't like to keep his eyes open...

By the way, Sean will now be further referred to as "The Godfather", hence the face in the last picture.

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