Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Fight

Over the past three months Chris and I have been kicking butt and taking names of people/places who like to disrupt a sleeping baby. Okay, maybe not kicking butt, but definitely taking names. It's been mostly during our travels to here, there, and everywhere when Noah has just nodded off or we are counting down exits to our final destination and BUMP BANG BUMP. Daggum. There is also the occasional individual contributor who lets out a HOOT or HOLLAR equaling a waking baby. Daggum.

Joining the Fight: (if you are on the list, we still love you even if you are loud at times):
* Departments of Transportation (of several states) & your road work
     - Georgia
     - Alabama
     - Florida
     - South Carolina
* Wal-Mart and your bumpy ground outside the front entrance
* Matthew Cushing with your love and devotion to Alabama football (you've improved from SEC to BCS)
* Gramma Nan with your excitement for Florida State football
* Papa Bowen with your home improvements (much appreciated and welcome anytime)

And when you are tempted, just remember this face:

And know that this one is taking names, and just might start kicking butt:

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