Friday, February 19, 2010


Ever since he was just a wee little guy, Noah really enjoys his time on his changing table. Especially when his pops is changing his britches. We've made it a fun place for him, unintentionally at first, where we sing songs, make funny faces, introduce him to "Larry the Lizard" that hangs above his head, give him zerberts, and so on. He LOVES it. I don't mean he likes it a little bit, I mean he lives for this part of his day. Several times a day, of course. It is rare that he fusses...and only if he's hungry or overly tired, which is maybe once a week. Maybe.

A lot of times his laughter is unprompted. Just the sheer delight of being buck-naked gets his gopher every time. We may have a future streaker on our hands. In a couple years, campers beware.
And he hasn't quite figured out laughing yet, so it comes out as this inhaling-air-shriek-because-I-don't-know-how-to-laugh noise. Equally as cute.


Not only does he LOVE his changing table time, he thinks it's time for acrobatics as well. Makes it quite the ordeal to put a cloth diaper on that fanny. 
Good thing we don't use pins.

Fat rolls, let me count thy ways?
But his lamp and Larry are just too cool.

Live from Ten Mile, it's Noah Matthew:

Find a cuter kid.
I dare you.

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