Saturday, August 14, 2010

Always, Sometimes, Never

I snagged this little self-assessment piece from Kacey, one of my co-counselors my first summer at Camp Crestridge. I stalk her blog frequently, well, because I am inspired by her creativity and insight on life's little blessings. So when I read this I wanted to turn the mirror on myself, Second Nature style, and see what I could find. Here it is and don't you judge me:

I always:
  • laugh at myself for silly and random moments.
  • love the smell of Noah's head after he takes a bath.
  • kiss my husband good night.
  • have at least two projects going on/unfinished at the same time.
  • get annoyed when watchers clap after a good movie.
  • could spend hours in a craft/fabric store.
  • cringe at the thought of having a Popsicle stick in my mouth.
  • go straight to the clearance rack of clothing stores.
  • roam the "Natural" aisles of the Kroge looking for good deals.
  • wish the crispness, not cold, of fall would last a little longer.
I sometimes:
  • shower twice in a 24 hour time span.
  • wish we still worked at Second Nature.
  • over-commit myself to make people happy.
  • miss living in Tallahassee - Gordos, you will be mine in three weeks.
  • think it would be nice to have more friends our age in a close proximity.
  • reminisce on Crestridge days, wishing I could go back just one more summer.
  • feel shy and awkward when giving people things I made for them.
  • act like a girly girl - pedicures are good for the tomboy's soul.
  • wish I could prove the Ford's Nothing-Else-Is-Going On-When-Focused-on-the-TV-Especially-When-Sports-Are-On Gene to be absolutely genetic - and sometimes annoying.
  • cry at PBS specials.
I never:
  • lock the door to our house during the day.
  • carry cash - though we may go on a cash diet.
  • could be a vegetarian.
  • want to see Noah feel pain, physical or emotional.
  • have, do, or will like green beans - or any cooked greens, with the exception of okra and peas, for that matter. I am twenty-six years old, I don't need to "just try them" anymore.
  • mowed a lawn.
  • am good at saying goodbyes, I often avoid them altogether.
  • have watched any of the Star Wars movies, new or original.
  • air my dirty laundry on Facebook - if it seems like I am complaining I am likely being sarcastic. If you want the dirty drawers, you'll have to look here.
  • thought I would live out in the country in East Tennessee - and love it.
So what does your reflection show?
Be honest, be real, but be kind to yourself.
I found myself going to a "picking" place quicker than seeing and acknowledging good qualities in the reflection.

We are often our own biggest critic - challenge yourself for the next week to put one positive thing in each category each day. I'll do it if you will...


  1. hey! thanks for the blog shout-out. i blog stalk you too, so no worries. : ) and, i found myself going to a "picking" place too...
    i just really love seeing what other people write on this. thanks for continuing the chain.

  2. um, I love that you two know each other. awesome.
    and on a really random side note: Beth, you are the only person I have ever met that shares in the whole popsicle stick in the mouth deal. I can't stand it...the thought of it makes me cringe...and we are now officially best friends because of that fact;)