Monday, July 27, 2009

The Best One Yet...

For anyone who has been pregnant or spent a lot of time with someone who is, you know that you get some pretty interesting comments and looks. Most of my comments so far have leaned more to the normal/acceptable, don't make you feel like crap, run-of-the-mill preggo comments. But today, the conversation and interaction I had with a 7 yr old day camper (who we will call "A") tops all others. To appreciate the hilarity I need to paint you a little picture of her: sweet southern child, a little on the pleasantly plump side, wearing a tankini that I notice she has the bottoms on backward due to the tag sticking out the front, which leads to a little plumber action in the back...extremely friendly and very precious.

It went a little something like this:

A: (with a very think southern accent) You got any kids?
Me: I am going to have my first in October!
A: You excited? ( as she pats my belly)
Me: I am! I am really excited!
A: You know if it's a girl or a boy?
Me: It's a boy.
A: (with a crumpled up face) Ew yuck! Boys are disgusting...
Me: (awkward chuckle) Oh yeah?
A: Yeah... I wanted you to say a girl.
Me: Nope, his name is Noah Matthew.
A: What if he just hauls off and kicks you in the stomach?
Me: Well, sometimes he does. I feel him move a lot...
A: Hmm... let me see your belly... (as she lifts up my shirt and pokes my belly button; I am defenseless b/c I have scissors in one hand and yarn in the other)...WHAT is that?!
Me: (laughing, slightly embarrassed) I don't know! What do you think it is?
A: I think it's his nose!!! (poking my belly button that has been sticking out since about wk 14)
Me: Yep, that must be his nose sticking out...

It may not seem as amazing as it was, but it made my day. That's all the really matters...

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  1. i am literally crying.
    (or i was a second ago...i had to gain my composure before being able to type)
    that is the funniest/cutest thing in the world!
    thanks for sharing!