Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More of Chris' Summer Fun

We have proven to be bad Floridians... we have to move to TN before Chris ever tries to water ski. Ridiculous. Of course, I wasn't allowed to partake, although Dennis said I could if I wanted to, I was able to capture the gloriousness (is that a word?) of Christopher's folly and fun. And facial expressions. Here are a few from the first run (note: he is using the same beginner bar that the elementary kids were taught on earlier in the day):

Rough start, however, he did graduate to the rope after only a few tries on the bar. I was pretty impressed... skiing can be tough, especially when you wait until your 27 to learn. He was able to get up on the rope and figure out how to cross the wake, though the waves were another story. Here are a few more once he "mastered" the art:

The last picture Chris is receiving some praise and pointers from the Master Teacher, Dennis.

I told Dennis that I don't plan to be pregnant next summer, so he will have to come back and do it all over again. But we know how well my plans pan out...

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