Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Start of Noah's Pad

It's such a blessing to know that our baby is already loved and cared for so much. Thank you so much, Mama Hobbs, for hand-making with lots of love this beautiful blanket for Noah:

Thanks to lots of love from family and friends, we have added lots of things to Noah's room over the weekend. This kid hasn't been hurting for anything from the beginning, but we have been very fortunate here lately. And thankful... Here are a few pictures to give you an idea. If you think it's not very decorated, it's not. But, the fact that we will only be in this house for about 3 months of his life, I didn't go to the trouble of painting, hanging lots of things on the wall, etc. I kind of enjoy the simplicity of it anyhow.

Thanks to everyone who has shared their love for our baby boy with your generous gifts:
* Mama Bowen and Papa Bowen for the BEAUTIFUL glider, that glides amazingly; and many other odds and ends (crib sheets, Noah's Ark frame, cute little outfits, collage frame, etc.)
* Bullington family for the precious crib and window bench (changing pad, bug bedding, etc.)
* Giusti clan for the animal bedding and decor (diaper bin, Moses basket, baby tub, blankets, diaper bag, Noah burp cloth, etc.)
* Ford family and friends for Noah's first Seminole, Ford, & John Deere paraphernalia
* Mama Hobbs for Noah's first blanket, made just for him
* Wilson, Anne Lois, & Abigail for the paintings hanging above his changing table (I hear Mason and Walker will soon add to the collection)
* Heidi & Chuck Lee for our bedroom suit, which we're sharing with Noah as a cribside table
* Sweet family in Rockford, TN for the antique dresser (only $75 on - what a deal!) built in the 1900's that will be Noah's changing table and eventually his dresser (all we have to do is replace a few handles, everything else is original from when it was built)
* Gretchen Smeltzer for the plethora of cloth diapers we will hopefully be successful in using

We are so thankful for all that our family and friends continue to do for us. Krystal and her mama, Diana, have offered to host a Baby Shower Brunch for us in NC in a few weeks. I can't wait! It's so great to share in this adventure with those closest to us. It makes my heart very glad, makes me count my blessings even more.

Chris and I have been calculating the weeks ahead and the events that will take us up to the due date. We cannot believe that it has crept up so fast. I think we only have a week or two between now and then where we DON'T have something planned. Yikes... we are looking forward to the weeks ahead and being able to spend time with folks before the little guy gets here.

And now for your viewing pleasure, here are a few pictures of the growing belly and our fabulous Ford family photo shoot:


  1. Uh, sister, yall are doing great! We're just now moving our guest bedroom stuff outta the way for it to become the baby's room! Yall have so much stuff! Geez! We don't have a baby shower until August 8th, and then one with the church on the 9th. I'm getting antsy!

    PS Niece and nephew artwork is PERFECT! Great idea!

  2. you're too awesome beth! i like the natural feeling of your nursery, too. i can't wait to look pregnant and not just bloated. haha! say hey to grits for me!