Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fall Friskies

Orange. Red. Yellow. Crunching. Leaves. Chai Tea. Thanksgiving. Hammocks. All Things Pumpkin. Cool Breeze. Birthdays. Anniversaries. Socks with Chacos. Long Sleeves. Festivals. Halloween (OK- really just the candy). Harvest. Change. Fireplace. Crisp Air.

I. Love. All. Things. Autumn.

I think I am not going to call it Fall anymore. Typically when something falls it breaks, shatters, hurts itself - all not-so-very-fun things. And Autumn is
so very fun.

I have decided to make a list - a list of projects I want to take on this Autumn for no other reason than they will bring me joy:
  • Dig up hosta plants that have taken over my yard. They are pretty and apparently expensive but I don't have a desire for 9,374 of them in my yard. I would like to plant other things - like tulips or carrots.
Hosta la vista... Hello, pretty spring time flowers!
  • Build chicken coop (I originally spelled this "coup" - and then laughed at the image of a bunch of chickens living in a rag-top hatchback) with my dad. Yes, it's happening. This spring we will get chickens. I haven't decided yet if we will try to hatch them or try to acquire them post-brooding, depends on how in touch with my roots I am willing to go. Chicken pox, you don't scare me.
Welcome home, chickens.
  • Hang our hammock. Sadly we have moved two hammocks to three houses and have yet to put either one of them up to enjoy since Kansas City where it's a frozen tundra three-fourths of the year. (I'm not bitter.) Operation: Hammock may happen this afternoon - I have to check with my boss. The little boss.
I need a lot more of this in my life... just up off the ground.
  • Sew. Sew. Sew. My goal is to make a stockpile of hand-grown goodness to sell on (deep breath) Etsy and then the Market Square Farmers Market next season. I also have Christmas gift dreams to fulfill as well. I think I will need to tune up my machine to prepare it for the storm - anyone know how to do that? Cinderelly, Cinderelly...
The dress I made for a little one who is loving life in the womb.
Come on out and meet the world, sweet girl.
  • Research and plan a year-round garden based on the Vegetannual starting in the spring to further our attempt at becoming locavores (Folks who eat local, in-season food as best they can). I gladly welcome any pointers. I am not trying to feed Roane County, just our little family and enough to can/freeze for the cold months.
Yummy - now when do I plant y'all in East Tennessee?
  • Paint our dreary living area. I say "living area" because it is just that - our kitchen, living room, dining room, entry way, sewing nook are all one big room. And the color on the wall is about as exciting as a root canal.
I am digging this color or something similar - bright and inviting.
I also like the green of the next room.

  • Create a business card. (Listen, I know I am nothing fancy, but a girl can dream.) Tell me what you think.
  • Throw my almost-one-year-old the most incredible birthday celebration this side of the Mississippi. I know, I am running behind, but this chicken pox stuff has thrown me for a loop - and now I am rethinking the original theme. This is what happens when I have too much time to think...
Celebrating a little early with Uncle Matt & Aunt Heather.
We are working on the whole "thank you" thing...
  • Carve pumpkins and reminisce on previous pumpkin carving parties. Do they have pumpkins in the northwest?
We've got mad pumpkin-carving skills in this neck of the woods.
Too bad half of our neck has run off...
  • Take a trip or two to the mountains. It's always good to go home.
Back porch view from HiZi - such is life.
Whew. I better stop while I'm way already way behind. Three days, folks, until the Autumn equinox. I've got a lot of goodness on my plate - how about you? What are your favorite things about the season formerly known as Fall?


  1. Yayy! I can't wait to see all your goodies for your etsy shop. That dress is adorable.

    I made my business cards on Moo using the Mini Moos. They're cute and a slimmer, smaller card, which I think makes them stand out more from traditional business cards. But anyway, one piece of advice that I got when I was making mine was to make sure that your business card reflects your business. I love the one with your foot on the dock, I feel like it says a little bit more about the country aspect of your goodies. On moo you can even print stuff on the back of the card so you could put a little pic of something you've made, too. That's my opinion.

  2. I don't like the foot- it makes me think of your peeling skin (sorry!- no offense). Everything else is a thumbs up! I enjoy our multiple evenings during the school week outside at the soccer fields. It is fun to sense the change in season. And a biggie for our house is college football!!!! oh and I must mention that the kids beg for chili and pumpkin bread.

  3. ohmygoodness i LOVE the chaco business card!!! you are so great and creative and talented.

    don't forget the little people! <3