Saturday, September 18, 2010


Meet Narcissus, the poor boy who was so in love with himself that he dismissed any other who showed him affection, namely a nymph named Echo. Echo prayed out to the gods and finally the god Nemesis heard her cry. One day Narcissus was frolicking in the forest when he came across a pool of water and discovered this beautiful creature starting back at him and he immediately fell in love - this is where he would live out his days, hopelessly pining over a love he could never truly know.

How's that for digging out the four years of Latin and Greek/Roman mythology I took in high school? Who said I would never use that stuff...

Sidenote: All I can think about at this moment is sitting behind Paul Silivos, me pestering and inking him, him rolling his eyes at whatever romance was stealing my heart away at that moment. Oh, Paul Gus, come back into my life - I miss you, friend.

Anyway - enough blasting from the past.

Meet our Narcissus:

If that's not hilariously adorable then call me John Brown.

(John Brown?)

I didn't think so...

I mean, who wouldn't kiss that baby?

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