Sunday, September 12, 2010

What Came First?

Forget the egg or the chicken, the pox came first at our house.
There are many things I like and desire about chickens, but this my friends, is not one of them.

I think he is handling it way better than either one of his parents. We just want to take the pain away, the confusion away, the multiplying red bumps. We have never felt so helpless... this is definitely the first real trial as parents, to be patient and know that God will heal his little body in due time. Say a little prayer for our little guy - and maybe one for his mama and pops, too.

Noah shows us how he really feels about those pesky bumps -
or he's trying to lick the oatmeal bath off his chin.

Daddy always makes everything in my world much better.Can't nobody hold me down, oh no...
The crazy thing, or at least what I find wild, about Chicken Pox is that there is a vaccine for the infection but there are no antibiotics or salves that will speed the healing process, only things to make the child less itchy. I know it's a viral deal, but still, one would think that with the sickness that effects millions of kids and adults each year, there would be some glimmer of goopy hope.

And what better than to have Noah's very own, very special, personalized cape (handmade by the wonderful Liz) arrive during his first oatmeal bath of the day!

Yes, that's right - the wonders of this cape will bring super speedy healing powers and will have Noah bouncing off the walls again in no time! And he will be very cute doing it... But for real, go check Liz out and buy one of these for the little dude in your life - Etsy, everyone else is doing it.

We are on the outs right now, chickens and me, but I still think I want them in my backyard (I don't really have a "yard" per-say, but I like to think of it that way...). I will have to sleep on it. The thought, not the chicken.


  1. uh boy! no fun.
    just curious: did you fore go all vaccines or just Chicken Pox? that's one of the main ones I'm considering not giving to Luke... so I was just curious.
    i'm saying a prayer for a speedy recovery for Noah!

  2. No fun indeed!
    We have given him all of the mandatory and most of the optional Vacs. We were not planning on giving him the one for C.Pox because 1) it's not that threatening, almost everyone used to get them, 2) less stuff in his body, and 3) I have read and seen the CP vaccine not work as well as produce other things such as goose pox and impetigo - since it is fairly new.
    Our Ped doesn't give the C.Pox Vac until at least a year, so as you can see, we didn't even make it that far.
    Thanks for checking in and saying a prayer. :)
    This mama stuff is hard sometimes...

  3. All 3 laughed. Not really "at" him- just kinda empathetically cause it's so pitiful on such a cute babe!