Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fashion Police

We all know (and love) that I am not the person to consult when it comes to anything fashion related...for myself, my child, my husband, my dog, my home. The Good Lord just did not bless me with that sixth sense.
And to be honest I am quite alright with that, and so are Chris and his wallet.
To prove it, this is what you can find me in most days, in some color variation:On some days you may find me with a little more pizazz:Oh wait, not that. Here it is:
And on really extra special, eat-your-heart-out boys, occasions:With all the being said and shown, lack of fashion sense and all, I do know when something is bad.
Bad and tacky.
Bad, tacky, and overpriced.
I give you the latest in the Gucci line of handbags:
The Granny Panty Extraordinaire
#1. Grandma called, she says she wants her bloomers back.
#2. Mr. Gucci and designers, you are all fired.
#3. If I wanted to sport my undies as an accessory, I've got plenty to choose from in my maternity stash.
And lastly, I think I'll save my bajillion dollars and buy something a little less "fashionable".


  1. Weird. Although I never understood why someone would pay hundreds of dollars for a purse anyway.

  2. A to the Men!
    Our country, and a few others, have somehow tranced people into believing they NEED such things and it is only good enough if it is THAT brand. I've been doing a lot of pondering on what it means to truly NEED something, and this bag, my friend, is and never will be on the list.