Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Alright, Seven, I have a bone to pick with you. You went by far too quickly, ushering in the heat and summer rains as you scurried through. But, I should say that you've redeemed yourself, bringing these amazingly cute and fun things for my boy at eight...and Eight, you better behave yourself or you're next (how does my mama voice sound? Good?):

1. "buh buh puh puh": these are Noah's first "words". I think the "buhs" are his attempt at "ball" as he will find the ball in the room as he says it and someone else repeats it. His "talking" (not squealing) is also done in this faint whisper, like he's really thinking hard about it because he doesn't want to mess up what he's saying. Very cute...
2. Littleford has two new chompers. Well, more like one and a half... but still. They are so darn cute up there on his top row...kind of big and bucky like his mama's. Poor guy. Should we start saving for braces now?
And he likes taking them for a test drive--on my shoulder, finger, cheek, and most other fleshy parts he can get his grubby little paws on. Ahem, except for two in particular, thank goodness. For those, he will be cut off, thank you very much. For now, he knows where his bread is buttered.
3. He plays with the things in his crib by himself after he wakes up now. I listened to him for forty-five minutes talking to his teddybear that his Aunt KD gave him and his pillow buddies. When I scooped him out of his bed he was just sitting there, talking to them contently. Maybe he was being bossy and telling them what to do, who knows? I know that I love that he loves his bed... makes my life very easy.

4. Standing on his own isn't too far away. He's started to take his hands off of whatever he's holding onto while he is standing, briefly letting go before realizing he's not touching anyone or anything. He then either grabs ahold again or sits down. We thought we were in for it when he started crawling--bumps, bruises, mischief? Oh man, it's only just beginning. And I still hate the tile floors...

5. Papa Bo taught him a new game--it's called "You Squeal and I Will Echo as Loud as I Possibly Can". Very funny to watch. I think he relates it specifically to Papa though because when I started playing the other day after his nap, he was looking around for the person squealing as I hid behind the door. Once he realized it was me, he continued to look for someone else. Funny boy.
6. Independence is already becoming important to him. He doesn't want you to put the food in his mouth if he knows he can pick it puffs, fruit, bread. He wants to do it and lets you know that he does not approve if you attempt to do otherwise. These are the peculiar type things that each kid does differently, which makes it interesting to watch other people try to live in his world. I know he's quirky, he's my kid, but I think he expects other people to know the "rules", too.
7. He's experienced grass for the first time. I know, I know, probably shocking that the girl that wears a magical crystal and wants to buy her own cow hasn't had her boy in the grass until now, but you see, our yard isn't really a kid-friendly yard. It's slopey and rocky and full of things that he wants to eat. Not to mention, there is no grass to speak of. But alas, he's gotten to feel the tickle of the blades on his little feet down at the waterfront and then again in Florida... though I am not convinced he likes it.

8. We may have a pompous one on our hands. He got it from his daddy... Noah loves to look at pictures of himself, specifically the one at the top of the blog. He grins real big and makes this "eh-uh" noise, as if to say, "what's that?"... and I tell him that it is Baby Noah and he gets all bashful. If I close the window or look at a different page (not that I would ever want to look at anything other than my own blog) he continues to make the noise until I put it back on that picture. Silly guy. He will also grab at the frames in the hallway, specifically the one that is mostly of him, and wants me to tell him all about the photos. Same with "the baby in the mirror"... it's okay, he can love his own face. I sure do... Love his little face I mean.

There are dozens of other new and fun things that he is doing and continues to learn that I could go on and on about, but alas, they will have to wait until Nine. I will say, though, that as he continues to develop his own personality and (sometimes) sassy-ness (can't imagine where that came from), I am finding it more difficult to leave him with other people or let other people help me with him. Not in a "you can't take care of my child way", more in a "but if he makes this noise or that face you couldn't possibly decipher what that means" sort of way. I have been learning him and getting to know him for almost seventeen months now and it's tough to let other people into our little world...especially living in the 'docks where we are mostly on our own the majority of the time. It will take baby steps for me (no pun intended) but really what I have to remind myself is that more than likely he is fine, it's only me who feels the anxiety. And granted, it's usually unwarranted, but nonetheless it's there. And as long as I can figure this out now, which I am, hopefully my moodiness and anxiety won't transfer to him or get to a point where he notices. I'm not a headcase, yet, but I don't want to get to that point.


The Giusti Two (Mason and Walker) are coming to stay with us for a week of camp. We are super pumped and looking forward to a fun-filled week of craziness. This may help us to decide the number of kiddos we can handle...some people are blessed with large families and do a beautiful job at being big, like my sisters. Others, on the other hand, are fine and dandy a tad smaller. We shall see... chaos can be addicting.

And if they are all this cute, who could resist:
I mean, really.

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