Sunday, May 2, 2010


I can hardly believe as I sit here and type that our little guy is seven months old today. Yikes.
Questions going through my brain:
How can that be?

Is this some sort of a silly prank?

Did I sleep through it?

Sleep...what's that?

Why do I not look as hot and fabulous as those famous gals who have seven month old babies...That's for another time, this place.

So another month brings on a plethora of new and completely adorable "tricks" that Noah has learned or acquired. With much deliberation I am sticking to the plan, carefully selecting seven of our favorites:

1. He has a pooping stance. And face. Holy hilarious. He typically assumes the position a couple of times in the morning, taking after his daddy (the time, not the position...I'd be concerned if Chris was on all fours with his head tilted down, almost touching the floor.). His face turns red. His eyes get all watery. He turns up the side of his mouth with a look of concern. So funny. And a nice diaper warning to boot.

2. Cantaloupe. He can't get enough. He grabs ahold of a slice with his chubby little hands and chows down like it's going out of style. If you don't replace his typewriter-looking eaten piece, he hollers out a high pitched request for MORE! Warning: Prepare to be doused in juices if holding baby while eating melons.

3. Noah has figured out the "I drop it and you pick it up a thousand times" game. I am pretty sure the picker-upper is on the losing end of this game every time. Even still, his subtle amazement is intriguing to me. He is a very curious little guy.

4. Little dude has a burning and growing passion for all things electronic. Not the crazy silly toys that light up and sing that parents pay big bucks for them to entertain their kid for a whole two, he'd rather the remote control. Or your cell phone and camera even. He's not picky.

5. Our human garbage disposal has learned how to pick small pieces of food out of our hands or off of his tray and put them in his mouth. So exciting... he's not yet impressed with his own speed and gets a little cranky if the puff sticks to the back of his hands, but it's progress. We clap for him and say "yayyyy" and he gets this sheepish grin on his face. Preshfest.

6. He climbs. On everything. Anytime. Any place. It's ridiculous. I bet he spends more time standing than crawling or sitting. Makes baby-proofing all the more interesting with tile floors in every inch of our house.

7. Embrace it. We are a family who lives in the woods, the country, the sticks. I may be able to curb his use of "you'uns" and try to steer him away from the snuff/tobacco and moonshine, but the boy must learn to be true to his raisin'. Without further ado, I present to you, his first ride on a John Deere:

And I know for a fact it won't be the last.

So there it is, another month has come and gone. See you later, seven.
Memories are abundant and will last a lifetime despite times fleeting efforts to pass way too fast. Hold on to your britches, folks, eight is coming mighty quick.

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