Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fair Warning

Warning: I am about to try out my hippie crystal for the first time in the hot Florida sun. Now we will really put it to the test. It's worked so far in hot and sticky situations (literally) but it could meet it's match with the southern heat. Let's have faith and hope not.
I will conjur up the hippie spirits to be with me and my armpits this afternoon.

But just in case they aren't listening, I will go ahead and apologize in advance to any family or friends in my close proximity if it fails miserably.

Consider this your first and final warning.

Bring it, Florida.


  1. It failed me a few days back and I have gone back to the other for a temporary unknown time period. I like the crystal- but I do not like my wenching (aka wet) arm pits showing through my clothing!

  2. I don't really care about the wet, just the stink. And even then, I can deal with it to a certain point. Time will tell... or you can tell me this afternoon at the "ripest" time of the day.