Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fruit of the Vine

We just collected our first  harvest (of hopefully many) of herbs from our growing garden! (Not to be confused with Second Harvest which is a part of Feeding America that strives to provide low-income and impoverished families with a chance for meals and nourishment where they would potentially be absent, right here in our own backyards.)
Our herbs are growing out of control, specifically the cilantro. Chris snipped a few sprigs and brought it right in and made some simply amazing, fresh salsa. It doesn't get much fresher than from your porch to your kitchen... Of course our tomatoes, for now, are canned, but by the end of summer we should be able to produce this delish recipe from all of our own ingredients (minus the spices).
 From top left: tomato, cilantro with basil, mint & rosemary, big bertha tomatoes with bell peppers...

We also have another type of growth happening in our little birds! They have yet to hatch but we have been watching the mama and papa birds diligently building and protecting their nest. It is right outside of our front window so we can see them throughout the day. From what I can see there are six eggs inside, blue with brown speckles. I am not sure what type of bird, so if those eggs sound familiar to you, let me know...
Nest & eggs, if you look closely...

I tried to get a close up of the eggs - no go - mama/papa bird rushed out of the nest at my face and I squealed like a three year old. Noah was none too pleased with my shriek.

And now for the deliciousness that is the Pioneer Woman's Restaurant Style Salsa (her pictures are much prettier, but I am sure the salsa rendition is just as tasty):
 Chris has found my weak spot...fresh-made salsa. Holy yum.

Come see us this summer and we just might make you some. And then send you home with some because the recipe, shown halved, makes a butt-ton (actually used this word for "Unit of Measurement" in counted, thank you very much).
Try it. You will never go back...


  1. Yeah, looks good (yummy)- but, I'm wondering what bevy you'd serve me with that?

  2. Well, there is clearly only one option.
    And it doesn't end with "Light".

  3. I agree with you. Once I discovered how easy and much tastier it is to make salsa at home, I cannot go back to jarred. I really need to plant my own herbs. Yours seem to be doing beautifully so maybe I'll give it a shot.