Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Hidden Gem

Warning: If your knees weaken and stomach quivers at the topic of bodily functions and odors, please stop reading now.
You've been warned.

As I have mentioned before, Chris and I have been trying in the last couple of years to make good and healthy decisions for ourselves and our growing family. We are up for just about anything (if we can afford it) and will try most things at least once. For example: gardening, one-car family, cloth diapers, homemade baby food, etc... Well, when we lived in Carolina we became "regulars" at the Mast General Store downtown, specifically befriending the guy who works in the gear section. He's a nice guy - asks about Noah, where we are now, checks in on the latest adventure - super friendly.
Friendly enough to talk body odor and remedies. 
Time-before-last when we were there Chris started chatting with him about the new Burt's Bees line of deodorant that they had recently put out on display. Asking questions about if he's used it, what he thought of it, does it smell good... you know, the usual small talk with an almost stranger. Apparently he was not impressed with the deodorant, it didn't really work for him. So he starts on this mumbo jumbo about some magical crystal that you wet and rub under your arms... it lasts for a year with daily use and can be found at most grocery stores for around five bucks. I didn't really pay that much attention until he said how long it last for what it costs...because most of the time these sorts of things are a little more out there than I am willing to go. But when "saving money" is involved, my ears perk immediately.
So what did I do?
I went out and bought it.

It is my new favorite thing. Ever.
I've been using it for about three months and so far, so good. No stink, no stick, no residue.
Now, we are about to get into the heat of the summer and I make no promises about the condition of my underarms, however, I am not sure I will care. You see, not only does it work but it is clearly better for you than other deodorants - no fragrances, no aluminum, basically nothing that will clog your pores (which some believe the aluminum can cause cancer, hence the pink ribbon on the bottle). And supposedly you can use it on your feet, too.
All I am going to say is don't knock it until you try it. Because it works.
And I apologize in advance if I stink, but it's just my armpits shouting joyfully at their freedom.

Look into my crystal ball...


  1. Sounds like it's worth a shot. Too bad I have three sticks of deodorant waiting to be used. By the time I run out, I'll get to see how you fared during the summer heat so be sure to update your blog when summer's over.

  2. Hi Beth,

    Yes, I sometimes look into your amazing family's life via your blog. :o)
    I must totally agree with you on this. I will never return to any other deodorant now that I use crystal. I had an older friend who told me about this amazing product a couple years ago. She has used the same rock salt for over 17 years!! I personally can't say mine has lasted that long, though I have continued to use the product with much joy also. "Freedom" as you have expressed, is so true. I have noticed the deodorant works well when I am doing my regular daily routine... other than working out. But I figured, most people should smell when a physical activity such as running, climbing, or whatever, is being done. Just wanted to say I am glad you found this product also. Finally, someone else to understand the great things about a simple thing such as deodorant! :o)


  3. I heard that it's the aluminum in deodorant that leaves yellow pit stains, so since you are using an aluminum free deodorant, have you noticed that to be true?

  4. Kelly: I will treat you to your first crystal when you are done with the "other white meat" in three years...

    Katrin: So glad you keep up with us! Super fun... you, on the other hand, are hard to keep up with all your traveling, little lady. Keep journeying in the spirit of fun & adventure... fly free while you can, let me live vicariously.
    And yes, the crystal is phenomenal. I will never turn back, stinky or not.

    Liz: I have heard that as well, and so far I am pit-stain free. I will keep you updated in the heat of the summer.

  5. Degree came out with an aluminum-free deodorant a few years ago and I tried it but it made my armpits itchy and was not as effective at wetness prevention.