Saturday, May 29, 2010

Home Sweet Pensacola

I came "home" for the week to surprise my mama for her retirement celebration. Littleford and I packed up the car, with Chris' help, and headed down on Wednesday, meeting my dad in Prattville, AL to follow him the rest of the way. Yes, I know my way to my childhood home, but he had sweet Abbie with him and she is one of Noah's favorite six cousins, which also meant entertainment in the backseat for the last few hours of the drive.

Bowens, Fords, & Bullingtons at Mom's Retirement Shindig
Fords & Bullingtons
Dinner at Fridays with Mom and Fifth Grade Teachers
Look at those teeth...two more on the top coming in.
Kisses from the mama...
Papa and littleford...they spent the evening together while margarita madness ensued.
Love this boy. More than my hippie crystal.

We have done lots since getting here and still have a long list to check off before heading north...We miss daddy though. Noah told me so.
But we would miss daddy either has started!
Look forward to much more blogging, the life of camp widow has begun for Summer2010.

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