Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Scenes of Summer: Part 1

This photo series will help paint a picture of our life out here on the farm...err...camp in the summertime.
(Farm and camp, maybe? I am working on it...more on that later.)

As it
is a summer camp, this is our busy season, which much to my chagrin translates to our family being strangers passing in the night on many days. Not just for me, but Noah now, too. (Except as I sit here Chris is at the dining hall or en route to somewhere with a freshly soiled diaper and a cute boy that I strategically dropped off with him after lunch. Mama has tricks, too.) We are getting better at this summer thing, but it still brings it's fair share of challenges. We seem to be figuring out more tricks to spend more time together on those busy days and it just makes our day much better when we get to play with Chris around camp.
Here is the first glimpse, from our Capture the Flag evening last night:

More to come next week...
Oh, and I have a cow update...check back soon.


  1. Holy moly- is he eating an apple? How many teeth are on that kid? What a big dude. Also, I'm going through some serious camp withdrawals right now. You get to live at one. So lucky.

  2. Yes. And today he devoured a peeled mango down to the core. He is serious about his eating... He has four teeth as of now, but I think others are quickly on their way.
    Even living at a camp, I go through withdrawals for CAMP every summer. When I say camp it's rarely meant as a general term describing the place where young folks go for fun in the summer months...no, it describes one place in particular.
    In other news... weaned? For real? How'd that go? Any tips? I think I am still going to hold out until one year, but would love some firsthand insight...