Thursday, June 17, 2010

Working Nine to Five

What a way to make a living...
According to Dolly anyway.

There's no clocking in or out at my job, but I sure wouldn't trade it for one where you do.
Last week my workload tripled with the addition of the Giusti guys. I am not sure that I was totally prepared for how tired I would be at the end of the week (I am still recovering) with two extra fellas running around. The boys had a blast (I think) all except for the dehydration, exhaustion, and "loss of lunch" on Day Four with Mason... not so fun for anyone involved. He handled it like a champ, me - not so much. If there is anything in the world that I abhor with great passion it is throw-up...mine, yours, the dog's - doesn't matter.
Anyway. Three was fun for the week, though I don't think that we will plan on adding anymore little ones for a while...long, long while. Mamas of multiple children are my new heroes, for real. Especially boys...whew.

Here's a look at the rest of the week, capped off by a visit to Dollywood:
Catching fireflies, or lightning bugs as I was corrected several times.
Mason with his catch, that we later released.
To say Noah loves Aunt J's cornbread is an understatement.Think he's tired?
Introducing Little Chief Streaking Wild Horse.Noah likes to give his paci just about anyone. Mason and mama braving the heat at Dolly's place.
Noah loved spending the week with his cousins and can't wait to do it again...
Let's all get some sleep first.

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