Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Noah is five months old today. Time flies.
Five new things, eat your heart out.

We love:
1. That Noah likes to fold himself in half while on the changing table. With clothes on, without clothes on...it doesn't matter to him.

2. His two bottom front teeth are poking their way through! And if babies are supposed to be cranky while cutting teeth, Noah missed that memo. I am not complaining.

3. The fact that he LOVES bananas. You can't shovel them in fast enough. Avocados, not so much.

4. He goes to sleep by himself. No rocking. No backrubbing (usually). Just kisses and love from daddy and mama and we lay him down in his bed. He talks for a few, then he's out. Naps and nighttime, he just started doing it on his own. Best. Baby. Ever. Now...if we can just get him to drop his midnight feeding...

5. When he reaches up/out and cups my face in his hands. Oh my... then he looks at you with those big blue eyes. Crap, we're in trouble.

This week our house and schedule have been turned upside down with the start of environmental ed training and Daddy Daycare has kicked in full swing. It's working great so far and Noah has really been good to his daddy. It's tough to be away from him most of the day, but it is amazing to see his little face light up when he sees me for the first time in a few hours. I am still nursing him every three hours or so and/or pumping, so the stretch of time isn't THAT long, but going from being with him ALL day to being apart for three hour stretches is quite the difference. It will take some time to adjust, for me anyway.

Adventures in making our own baby food is going wonderfully, minus the avocados. We have to hide them in other sweet potatoes and bananas, then he doesn't seem to mind them. Thanks to the Maslins we have a great system down...about once a week I prepare the fruits or veggies and freeze what we don't use right away. We use OXO trays with covers which makes it super easy and tidy, let them freeze, then pop them into a freezer bag until we need them. Pears and sweet potatoes are on the menu now...carrots are next. It's definitely worth the time and effort...saves a TON of cash.

I've also started making Noah's butt-wipe solution...oils, water, and baby bath. That's it. Super easy. Super fast. Super cheap. Super. It feels good to save money. Well, it feels good not to spend it.

I will supply photos at a later time...when it doesn't take a day and a half to upload.

Happy five month day to our little bearbear.

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