Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Scootie McScooterpants

Look who's walking.
Ok...maybe we're at scooting, but still.
So proud:

Time to baby-proof the not-so-pulling-up-on-and-putting-everything-in-mouth-friendly-casa.
Any suggestions, mamas out there?


  1. Obviously we're not there yet but my Mom said to crawl around on the floor to see what he sees and babyproof from that viewpoint. He's got the cutest voice, by the way. Him growling in that video is so funny!

  2. Thanks...that is super helpful! I never would have thought of that... Yeah, he's a growler, wherever that came from, maybe the dog? I have a feeling our house will not be very quiet from now on, and that's okay with me. :)