Sunday, March 14, 2010

Papa Comes to Town

We were home from Lexington for about 20 minutes when Papa Bo arrived! He came up to help Chris build the new deck for the archery program at camp...and maybe get a little sugar from a certain two foot tall guy. He was able to stay with us for almost a week and they were able to complete the deck over the weekend, even though, as dad says, they had to carry the lumber to the next county over. The site for the course is perfect, except that it's a far piece from the closest vehicle access...about 150 yards. Yikes.

Matt came over for dinner Friday night and then came back on Saturday morning to help with the deck. He was a tremendous help to Chris and Dad. We went to lunch at Los Padres on Sunday to eat with all the EE ladies and had a nice commissioning service that night with some of the folks from the board. Dad and I went and stocked up on some groceries Monday night, particularly food for the little guy...thanks for that. Sadly, he had to leave us Tuesday morning to go spend time with the Giustis, but he and mom will be back in a couple of weeks... Mom was a tinge envious of Dad getting to squeeze the little guy.

I stayed pretty busy with Environmental Ed training and teaching, so I didn't get to take many pictures. I will try and get one of the BEAUTIFUL deck that Dad, Chris, and Matt slaved hard over. Hopefully the weather will let me this week.

He may or may not have a FEW of these on his phone.
I think they like each other. A little.

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