Sunday, March 21, 2010

V8 Lady, Your Order is Ready

Oh, how I wish I had a digital copy of my beloved V8 Lady from the last time I was at Fuddruckers. Camp ladies of the 2004 Chickasaw nation, you may remember our dear friend rocking her red and white and green and orange sweater patterned with all its carrot juice glory.
Perfection. She is and ever will be my hero.

But alas, I do not have it on hand, so I will attempt to "replace" your V8 Lady Fuddrucker image with one that is maybe, hopefully, a little easier on your eyes:

There it is, folks. His first Fuddruckers hat. His daddy thought I was going to make him wear it.

First taste of spuds. Thanks, Fudds.

He liked his spuds (spuds = potato wedges = french fries), but was there really any doubt that he would dislike food? I think not.

As a side note, this was also his daddy's first time at Fuddruckers. He, as you can see from the lack of a photo, was not as enthused to wear the token hat. Party pooper. Though he did like the spuds...even requested to go back a few days later.

Fuddruckers is goooood. Deep Creek tubing anyone? How about ice skating in Greenville?
Or maybe just some spuds.


  1. I've got a pic of that lady somewhere...

  2. If only facebook had been popular back in 2004...that picture would be immortalized on the internet.

    I remember that sweater's awesomeness. Great memory. Ice Skating was always my fav trip.

  3. FUDRUCKERS...oh how i miss it!

    I remember that dear lady...bless her sweet heart....

    too bad we didnt have facebook.iphones.blogspots. to keep up with all our crazy shenanigans. Love you girls always!

  4. Now I feel challenged... I can make those things reappear. You just wait.
    Oh man... can we have a 2004 reunion...say in 2014?