Tuesday, March 30, 2010

National Association of Stock Car Racing...This One's For You, Uncle Matt

I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would be able to pick Jeff Gordon out of a crowd, know the winner of the Daytona 500, or give a hoot about young buck Brad Keselowski's aggressive and risky driving that doesn't seem to sit too well with most of the older drivers, including but not limited to Carl Edwards. But alas, I can tell you all about that and more. And I say that with a little pride, strangely enough. But you see, when you live in the country in East Tennessee you can't really avoid or escape it. It just kind of sneaks up on you like a bad cold that you can't get rid of...and though you don't like the cold, maybe a little embarrassed of the dripping snotty nose that takes over your life, you deal with it.
I doubt anyone ever loves a cold, but oh NASCAR, how I've learned to deal with you.
And maybe even like you.
A little.

But I think I know a little fella who might like you a lot.
Bless my heart.

But don't be too hard on him, he has an excuse:
1. We live in East Tennessee. Enough said.
2. We live in the country, twenty miles from town. No cable, no Direct/Dish TV (too many trees), no internet strong enough to watch other things. So we have an antenna...think rabbit ears for the 21st century. We get four channels on a good day and FOX happens to be one of our tried and true.
3. The cars are bright colors and go round and round.  What baby doesn't like those two things...parents pay a lot of money for toys that do that. (Apparently, they aren't too picky about sponsors...a pink Kim Kardashian car, are you serious?)
4. Noah's Uncle Matt #1 is a NASCAR fan...and anything that Uncle Matt does must be good, right? Every uncle needs a good racing buddy.
5. And he's cute while he watches:

All I can say is.
Boogity. Boogity. Boogity.
Let's crank it up.
Bless my heart.

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